How to sell a car for parts

Selling a car for parts can be a financially rewarding solution when the vehicle is no longer functional or worth the investment to repair. This process involves dismantling the car and selling its components individually, often yielding more profit than selling it as a whole. Here’s a comprehensive guide on effectively selling a vehicle for parts.

Assess the Car’s Condition

Before you begin, it’s crucial to thoroughly assess the car’s overall condition. Determine which parts are still in good shape and can be sold. Commonly valuable parts include the engine, transmission, alternator, starter motor, catalytic converter, and wheels. Interior components like seats, dashboards, and electronics may also fetch reasonable prices. Make a list of all the parts that are in good condition.

Obtain the Necessary Tools and Space

Before you start dismantling the car, it’s crucial to ensure your safety. You’ll need the right tools for the job, including a set of wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and jacks. Depending on the car’s make and model, you may also need specialized tools. Ensure you have ample space to store the vehicle and the parts you remove. A garage or a large driveway is ideal. Always wear protective gear, such as gloves and safety goggles, and be cautious when handling heavy or sharp parts.

Research the Market

Research the market value of the parts you intend to sell. Websites like eBay Motors, Craigslist, and local auto parts stores can give you an idea of what each part is worth. This will help you set competitive prices and understand which parts are in high demand.

Advertise the Parts

Once you’ve removed the parts, it’s time to advertise them. Online platforms like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and specialized automotive forums are excellent places to list your parts. Take clear, detailed photos of each part and write honest descriptions, including its condition, wear and tear, and compatibility with other vehicles. Transparent and honest listings build trust and attract serious buyers.

Handle Transactions and Shipping

Be prepared to negotiate prices with potential buyers. Ensure you have a secure method for receiving payments, such as PayPal or bank transfers. For local car sales, cash is often preferred. If you’re shipping parts, calculate shipping costs accurately and pack the parts securely to prevent damage during transit. Offer buyers a tracking number once the item is shipped.

Properly Dispose of Unsellable Parts

Not all parts will be sellable. Some may need to be worn out or damaged. For these, it’s important to find an environmentally responsible way to dispose of them. Many local junkyards or recycling centers will take metal parts; some may even pay you for scrap metal. Proper disposal ensures you comply with environmental regulations and frees up space for storing more valuable parts.

Legal Considerations

Ensure you follow all legal requirements for dismantling and selling Oregon car parts. In some areas, you may need a special license to sell specific components, mainly if you sell multiple parts or engage in this activity frequently. To obtain this license, you may need to apply to your local authorities and meet certain criteria. Check local regulations to avoid any legal issues.

Stay Organized

Keep detailed records of all parts sold, including buyer information, sale price, and transaction date. This helps you track your sales, manage inventory, and prepare for any potential disputes or returns. It’s also essential for tax purposes and can help you identify which parts are selling well and which ones may need a price adjustment. Organization is key to running a smooth operation.


Selling a car for parts can be a lucrative endeavor if done correctly. It requires careful planning, market research, and attention to detail. Following these steps can maximize your profits and ensure a smooth process, from dismantling the car to selling its components. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to make some extra money or someone with a non-functional vehicle, selling car parts can be rewarding.

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