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If you want to get Cash for junk Cars Klamath Falls and sell your car for the most money possible you have come to the right place. We buy cars, trucks. and vans in any condition 7 days a week. We are a Junk Car Buying Company in Kalamath Falls and your car is worth big bucks to us. Get rid of that eye sore in your front yard and call us today for a price quote.

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We buy all running, wrecked, or junk cars for CASH in Klamath Falls.

It’s super easy 

  1. Give us a call 
  2. We will give you a hassle free price quote on your running, wrecked, or junk car
  3. We will come give you Cash and tow it away

We pay the most for Junk Cars in Kalamath Falls

It’s not a pleasant sight to see a ugly or broken car sitting in the same spot day after day rusting away. We offer a service to sell your unwanted car and get the most cash out of it you can without much effort on your part. Just pickup the phone and call us at 1-877-818-3824 and one of our experienced Klamath Falls Car Buyers will schedule an appointment for our towing truck to come pay you cash for your car and haul it away free of charge. We buy junk cars in every city in Oregon click here to see our service area.

Fred’s Auto Removal help’s people turn their junk car into cash but we also buy running cars and newer wrecked cars as well for a much higher price. We are the top auto buyer in Klamath Falls Oregon and we pay more cash than anyone else because of our large exclusive list of car buyers and salvage yards who pay cash for cars in Beaverton regardless of the year, make, model, or condition of your vehicle. Every automobile has a price just give us a call today and find out what yours is.

Selling your junk car to Fred is the easiest way

Some people prefer the do it your self approach and make the decision to take parts off their car and try to sell them. We have lots of information about selling your junk car on our BlogSelling the parts on your junk car could make you a nice amount of money but their is a risk to doing this. First you will need to understand that if you don’t have the tools, a place to safely dismantle the car, a place to for storage to keep all the parts, and a source to sell the parts to then you will be in for a long, expensive, messy project that will cost you more money then you will make. That’s why most people just sell their car to a professional who is experienced in auto salvage and dismantling in Klamath Falls OR.

What you need to sell your car

To sell your car in Kalamath Falls you need a few things. The title is first and foremost the most important piece of paper that you will need to sell your junk car. If you don’t have your title it may not be possible to sell your car because we can not prove your the owner. Second we will need a bill of sale signed which we will provide at the time of purchase. Third you will need your ID to sell a car because we have to verify that the person selling the vehicle is the actual owner and if you are not the registered owner we will need to take a copy of your ID for our own records.