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Salvage yards are great places to find cheap parts for vehicles but the reality is that unless you really know how to buy parts, it’s easy to purchase the wrong parts and waste money.

Thankfully, in this article, we’re providing you with a comprehensive checklist that you can use to ensure the quality of the parts that you buy from a salvage yard.

Things to Do Before Installing Pulled Parts

Clean Up – Always spray alcohol on any electrical connectors that the part may have because this will also make it easier for you to install the part. You should also use dielectric grease when necessary to clean electrical connections as well.

Test – Before installing pulled parts you should always test their relays and fuses for faulty voltage supply.

Remember to always bring your vehicle’s manual when you go to a scrap yard because you can use that manual for reference when pulling and installing parts.

You should also bring a battery as well so that you can have something readily available that will produce voltage.

Last, of all, don’t forget to bring a flashlight since they can prove to be very useful when pulling parts from deep inside an engine or from the undercarriage of a vehicle.

Although it’s easy to find a lot of great used parts at a scrap yard, the reality is that there are some parts that you should always buy new including gaskets, fluids, air filters, fuel filters and drive belts. These parts can wear out quickly so it’s best to be smart and always buy them new.

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