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Shipping Delays Make Your Junk Car Worth More Than Before Pandemic

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Did you know that junk car auto parts are worth more now than before the start of the Pandemic? That’s right! Since most auto parts are made in China, the global COVID-19 pandemic has delayed shipments of parts like catalytic converters, starters, alternators and this means that those auto parts are now worth more than […]

Fall Is A Great Time to Recycle Your Vehicle! Click Here to Learn Why

Junk Your Car

Are you planning on recycling your used vehicle but are wondering when is the best time of year to do it? The best time of year to recycle a vehicle is fall because during this time of year most people will search for extra cash to cover holiday expenses and you can easily get your […]

Junk car scams to watch out for in 2017

How To Avoid Junk Car Sales Scam Still remember how you felt when you got your first car? I mean the one you paid for, not from dad or your company. I still remember mine. Now, years have passed, and you just had to get a new one, but of course it’s never so easy […]

Junk Car Ordinances in Oregon

There’s no law in Portland saying that a person can’t have more than one car. As long as they can afford them and a find a legal place to park them, then they can have as many vehicles as they like. But, when someone has multiple junk vehicles on their property, this is what sometimes […]

Is It Time to Junk My Car?

I think that one of the main reasons that people hold on to their old cars for so long is because they are emotionally attached to them. There was this lady who I used to rent from who had this old red beat up Jeep Wrangler sitting in her driveway. Well, I rented from this […]