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Shipping Delays Make Your Junk Car Worth More Than Before Pandemic

junk car

Did you know that junk car auto parts are worth more now than before the start of the Pandemic? That’s right!

Since most auto parts are made in China, the global COVID-19 pandemic has delayed shipments of parts like catalytic converters, starters, alternators and this means that those auto parts are now worth more than ever before.

How Long Will The Increase In Auto Parts Values Last?

With most analysts claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic could last a lot longer than initially expected, we could likely see more of the same in the coming months when it comes to shipment delays from countries like China.

As more delays are expected, this means that some people may not be able to find the parts that they need for their vehicles, especially hard to find parts for older model foreign or domestic vehicles.

Yes, you can still go to your local Auto Zone for now but if the shipping crisis drags on for much longer, if may get even more difficult to get parts for most vehicles that are less than 20 years old.

Should You Part Out Your Vehicle?

Many people will naturally ask the question if they should part out their vehicles? Parts are worth more right now?

The answer to this question all depends on the automotive experience that the owner has because parting out a vehicle in most cases involves the owner removing the parts from their vehicle themselves unless they tell the buyer that they will have to remove the parts themselves.

Thankfully, when junk car owners sell their vehicles to companies like Fred’s Auto Removal, they can eliminate the hassle of selling their junk vehicles themselves.

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