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Do you own a junk car? If so, sell it to Fred’s Auto Removal with zero hassle!

Our company specializes in helping people in the PDX area get rid of their junk cars.

We make the process fast and easy! To find out how much your vehicle is worth, contact us today by calling (503) 810-3061 or click here to connect with us online.

How Much Is Your Vehicle Worth?

It doesn’t matter if you own an older model truck, car, or van, you can count on us to pay you what your vehicle is worth, and best of all, we will pick your vehicle up for free.

Unlike some companies that haggle on price, you can count on a fair cash price when you sell your vehicle to us because we value your business and trust.

Now is the right time to sell your junk vehicle especially since it’s never been easier for some people to finance new vehicles, and in some cases to get into a vehicle for less than what they were paying to keep their old vehicle on the road.

Stop Driving An Old, Junk Vehicle

Regardless of your junk car, truck, or van is 10 or 30 years old, if you’re spending money to keep that vehicle on the road each month then It’s time to let it go and invest in a new vehicle.

We can help you get rid of that old vehicle, simplify your life, and get into the new vehicle you’ve been thinking about.

For a free, no-hassle quote, contact us today at (503) 810-3061, or connect with us through our website by clicking here!

You can count on excellent service, great support, and most important of all, you will be paid a fair cash price for your vehicle.

Contact us today, you will be glad that you did.

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