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Getting a nail in your tire can be a great source of frustration but it does not have to ruin your day. As a matter of fact many times if you get a nail in your tire as long as it goes straight in you can actually drive on it for many miles without taking any action at all.

Tips For Removing The Nail In Your Car Tire 

There are few things that you should do if you realize you have a nail in your tire.  The action that you take will depend on where the nail is and whether or not you are losing air in your tire. If the nail is in the side wall of the tire or between the side wall and the area where the tire comes in contact with the road you will need to likely replace the tire as soon as you can. If the nail is located in the section of the tire that comes in contact with the road, you are much better off because the nail will act as a plug in the tire and prevent from getting a flat tire.

  1. As long as your tire is not losing air, drive to the next service station you see and let the service person take care of it. It is usually relatively affordable to have a plug put in the tire and only takes about 20 minutes.
  2. If you are losing air then it means you need to act right away. Pull off the road to a safe location. Take your jack out of your vehicle and change the tire, most cars are equipped with a temporary spare.
  3. If you are not losing air and you can make it to an auto supply store you can take care of the issue yourself. You will need a pair of pliers to pull the nail out and a plug kit. You can fix the hole while the tire is still on the vehicle. Simply pry out the nail and use the plug kit to plug the hole.

Above all else safety is key. Always make sure that you make it to a safe location off the road to inspect the tire and/or change the tire. If you are concerned about the tire going flat and you DO NOT have a spare call for help. In most cases a nail in a tire really is not a big deal, just stay calm and follow the advice above.


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