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Do you have a junk car, truck, or van pet sitting in your garage, driveway, or on your property?

If so, November is without a doubt one of the best months to sell a junk vehicle because you can turn that junk vehicle into cash.

Holiday Cash is important, especially this year as most people have had the misfortune of losing their jobs or their homes due to Covid-19 and the lockdowns.

Thankfully, if you have a junk car that’s currently running, or not, you can earn some extra cash for the holidays by selling that vehicle to Fred’s Auto Removal and have confidence that you’re going to have cash in hand the same day.

Stop Driving That Junk Vehicle

Besides burning fast Holiday Cash, another excellent reason to sell your junk vehicle is safety.

Older vehicles typically have a lower safety rating than most newer vehicles on the roads today. This means that if your vehicle is over 10 years old, you could face a greater risk of getting into an accident or an injury if it malfunctions when you’re on the road.

To avoid future accidents or injuries, it’s best to consider selling that junk vehicle for cash than utilizing the cash that you earn towards a down payment on another vehicle, or as holiday cash to buy gifts for your family.

Sell Your Vehicle To Fred’s Auto Removal

2020 has been a tough year for almost everyone but, the good news is that you don’t have to end the year struggling. If you are currently in need of cash, the best thing that you can do to earn that fast cash has to sell your junk vehicle to Fred’s Auto removal.

For more information about what your vehicle is worth, or to schedule a pickup, contact us today by calling here and filling out the form on our home page.


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