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How To Get Your Car Ready For Fall In Portland Oregon


Fall is around the corner in Oregon and if you’ve lived in the Portland area for a while, you know that the changing temperatures only mean one thing, cold weather is on the way. Thankfully, you still have time to be prepared for cold weather in Oregon, and you can have your vehicle ready for […]

What Are The Best Ways To Sell Junk Cars In 2021?

junk car

Are you searching for the best way to sell a junk car in 2021? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Owning a junk car can be a stressful time, regardless if it’s running or not, simply because of the fact that it’s a burden that has to be eliminated. Thankfully, you can easily […]

Yes, You Can Sell Your Junk Car Even If It’s Running Or Not

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Do you own a junk car that you want to sell, but you’re not sure if it’s worth anything because it’s not running? Thankfully, when you sell your junk car to Fred’s Auto Removal, you can have confidence that we’re going to buy that vehicle regardless if it’s running or not. Now is the right […]

How To Get Money For Your Junk Car In 2021

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Are you searching for tips on how to get money for your junk car in 2021? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will offer you several time-tested tips that you can get the most money possible for your junk car. Know What Your Vehicle Is Worth The first way […]

Is It Time To Junk Your Car?

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If you currently own a junk vehicle, one of the biggest things that you have to decide on if it’s time for you to junk your car or not. Even though you may have an attachment to your vehicle, the reality is that if your junk car, truck or van isn’t running, or requires you […]