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Living in Portland Oregon means one thing, drivers can easily get into car accidents here due to the weather, or possibly hitting a wild animal, and anyone can find themselves in the position of having to have their vehicle declared a total loss by their car insurance company.

In this article, we will share with you several tips that you can use for having your vehicle declared a total loss by the car insurance company.

Tip #1 – Know The Details Of Your Vehicle Before Calling Your Car Insurance COmpany 

The first step to negotiating a total loss with your car insurance company is to know the sticker details and value of your vehicle before the accident.

This step is important because you want the adjuster to make the highest possible offer to you at the onset and not try to make a low-ball offer for your vehicle.

Tip #2 – Get Your Counter Offer Ready

After finding the value of your vehicle before the accident, the next thing that you should do is get your counter offer ready.

To prepare your counteroffer, you should compile the list of improvements that you’ve made to your vehicle recently.

Those improvements may include new tires, rims, or any major work that you had done to your vehicle in the last 8 months.

Once you compile this information, you can then utilize information like to determine the retail value of your vehicle, instead of the trade-in value.

Tip #3 – What To Do If You Get A Lowball Offer

Last of all, but most important, if your car insurance company gives you a lowball offer, you should do the following.

Fight a bad appraisal – If you receive a bad appraisal from your car insurance company, you should respond by submitting your counteroffer and you should also emphasize the emotional toll that the accident has taken on you.

Be specific when talking about what’s happened to you as a result of the accident including how it’s made it difficult for you to get to work.

Ask for a higher settlement – Never settle for a low-ball amount, especially if you own a newer vehicle. You may want to consider hiring an attorney to assist you with the arbitration process.

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