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What do I need to do to sell my car in Oregon

Here is what you need to know when selling your car in Oregon. So you need to sell your car in Oregon. What do you need to do in order to get it all set for the new owner? With a little help from the DMV, you’ll be on your way to getting your car […]

City of Portland Looks to Exchange Towing with Parking Boots

Portland is looking to begin targeting repeat parking violators with parking boots in place of instead of towing them. Currently, the city has been dealing with repeat offenders by telling towing cars away. The city is looking to change their towing policy to instead allow them to boot the vehicles so that they become immobilized. The […]

Can You Sell Your Car or Is It Time to Scrap It?

Reasons to Scrap Your Car over Selling It Many people are faced with the decision of whether it is time to scrap their old and broken down car or try to sell it to the highest bidder. While there are many reasons to sell it, it is not the only option worth considering. For many situations, […]

32 Tips on Recycling from Local Experts in Portland Oregon

Tips from the experts on how to recycling in 2016

32 Tips on Recycling from Local Experts in Portland Oregon Recycling is still a major trend in most homes and workplaces. More and more people are adopting recycling habits as a way to keep the environment clean and well preserved for future generations from selling a car to the junkyard to to get a few […]

Fred Buys Cars Straight from Insurance Companies

cash for insurance accident salvaged wrecked totaled reconstructed cars trucks vans cash for cars

We buy Insurance Salvaged Vehicles. Are you a Claim Adjuster for a Insurance Company looking for a Salvage Car Buyer in Portland or anywhere else in our service area that will buy all of your wrecked and flooded totaled automobiles in bulk? Now you can avoid the hassle of getting rid of junked out totaled […]