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Are you planning on getting rid of your junk car but, you’re not sure if you should attempt to sell that vehicle yourself or sell it to a company like Fred’s Auto Removal? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article we will share with you several things you don’t want to do when selling your junk car.

#1 – Speak With Junk Car Buyers Personally Or Over The Phone

Unless you’re a salesperson, the first thing that you don’t want to do when attempting to sell your vehicle is to speak with buyers over the phone or in person.

Even though you need a buyer to sell your vehicle, it’s entirely possible that you may sell your car for less money than it’s worth so it’s best to avoid personal interaction with junk car buyers if possible.

#2 – Posting Advertisements Online

Yes, you need to sell your vehicle but posting ads on Craigslist or other websites isn’t the solution because those ads cost money and time to create. What’s even worse is that by posting an ad online you may become a victim of a phishing scheme so it’s best to avoid posting ads if you can.

#3 – Having Buyers Come To Your House

Last of all, another thing that you don’t want to do when selling your junk car is to have buyers come to your house. This is a crucial thing that you don’t want to do because having buyers come to your house may put you in harms way and it’s best not to take that risk.

Contact Fred’s Auto Removal

At Fred’s Auto Removal, we will save you the time, money, and hassle of trying to sell your junk vehicle yourself!

To learn more about how much your vehicle is worth, contact us today by clicking here.


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