How To Sell A Junk Car, Even If It Has Issues

Do you own a junk car that has multiple issues and you’re concerned that you won’t be able to sell it? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Even though it may seem like an impossible task, you can get rid of that vehicle if you follow these tips.

Tip #1 – Sell Your Junk Car For Parts

The first way to get rid of a vehicle that has multiple issues is to sell it for parts.

This approach is effective because it’s going to make it possible for you to sell that vehicle even though you only may be able to sell it one part at a time.

Keep in mind that when parting out a vehicle you have to make sure that buyers know that they have to remove the parts themselves otherwise you will be responsible for removing the parts and that can be very time consuming.

Tip #2 – Sell It As Is To A Collector

Another way to sell your vehicle for cash is to sell it as is to a collector.

There’s always going to be someone out there who will want to buy your vehicle regardless if it’s running or not.

Collectors can be very passionate and are willing to invest long hours to get vehicles in road worth condition again or they may want to use the parts to get their other vehicles running.

Tip #3 – Sell That Vehicle To A Recycler

Last of all, but most important, another way to sell your junk car is to sell it to a recycler who will pay you cash for that vehicle.

Now is one of the best times to sell a non-working Oregon vehicle because scrap metal prices have increased and older vehicles are worth more money than ever before.

Contact Fred’s Auto Removal

At Fred’s Auto Removal, we specialize in buying junk cars in the PDX area regardless if they are running or not.

If your vehicle is no longer running, contact us today for a quote and let Fred pick up that vehicle today.

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