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Should you junk your old car before taking a summer road trip?

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Are you thinking about taking a summer 2022 road trip but you’re not sure if you should recycle your junk car before taking your road trip? You’re not alone! Although you may still love your “baby”, the reality is that if you’re spending money on your junk car every month just to keep it running […]

How To Sell A Junk Car, Even If It Has Issues

Do you own a junk car that has multiple issues and you’re concerned that you won’t be able to sell it? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Even though it may seem like an impossible task, you can get rid of that vehicle if you follow these tips. Tip #1 – Sell Your […]

Gresham Oregon Junk Car Removal

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Are you searching for Gresham Oregon junk car removal? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Fred’s Auto removal, we specialize in junk car removal in Gresham Oregon. This means that regardless if you own an old car, truck, van, or RV, you can count on us to pick up that vehicle and […]

Common Junk Car Recycling Questions Answered

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Are you planning on selling your used car but your friends are suggesting that you sell it for parts instead of selling it as one piece? At Fred’s Auto Removal we suggest that you sell your car all as one piece especially for these reasons. Reason #1 – Safety Sell a vehicle for parts takes […]

What Do You Need To Do Before Selling Your Car In Oregon?

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Are you planning on selling your car in Oregon? Although many people think that selling their car will be a simple transaction, the reality is that there are a variety of things you need to do to sell your car in Oregon including following this process: Tips For Selling Your Car In Oregon Step 1 […]