Tips For Getting Your Car Ready For Summer


Summer is around the corner and if you’re like most people in the Portland area, you’re looking forward to getting in your car and taking a road trip.

If your car isn’t ready for the summer months, here is a list of things that you should do to get your car ready for the long journey ahead.

How To Get Your Car Ready For Summer

The first thing to do before hitting the road this summer is to change the oil because, during this oil change, your mechanic will check all of the other fluids in your vehicle as well to ensure that it’s tuned efficiently and ready to hit the road.

Change Wiper Blades

Besides an oil change, you should also change the wiper blades on your vehicle as well because doing this will enable you to navigate sudden rainstorms that may come up during the winter months.

Check Your Battery

Has it been several years since you purchased the battery that your car currently has? If so, you should also take your car to a mechanic, or your local Walmart, to get it tested and confirm that it’s functioning correctly for your Oregon trip.

Visually Inspect Your Engine

Last of all, but most important, at least one week before your trip, you should visually inspect your vehicle’s engine to verify that you don’t have any cracked hoses or leaks from your engine that could represent bigger problems once you get on the road.

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