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How Much Will Car Insurance Pay When You Total Your Car?

One of the worst possible things to experience is getting into a car accident that results in your vehicle being totaled by your insurance company. After this happens, you may be wondering how much you’re going to be paid by your car insurance company? In this article, we will answer this question, and provide you […]

Need Cash After Christmas? – Sell Your Car To Us!

Cash After Christmas

Christmas is over and if you’re like most people, having an extra $200 or more could help right? If you own a junk car or a vehicle that hasn’t run in a while, one of the best ways that you can earn after Christmas Cash is by selling your car to us. Regardless if it’s […]

Is My Junk Car Really Only Worth $100?

So, you just decided to sell your junk car to a local salvage yard and they quoted you a price of $100. After getting this quote something didn’t sit right with you because your friend recently sold their junk car for $500 to another local salvage yard. The reality with many salvage yards is that […]

Should you junk your old car before taking a road trip?

Are you thinking about taking a road trip but you’re not sure if you should recycle your junk car before taking your road trip? You’re not alone! Although you may still love your “baby”, the reality is that if you’re spending money on your junk car every month just to keep it running you may […]