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Cash for aluminum rims Portland Oregon

Are you looking for a place to get cash for aluminum rims Portland Oregon? If so you come to the right place! At Fred’s Auto removal we will pay you cash for aluminum rims so that you no longer have to worry about having them sitting around your house, yard, or garage collecting dust when you can be paid cash for them starting today.

Save Time Getting Rid of Your Aluminum Rims

Did you just change out the rims on your car and now you don’t know what to do with your old aluminum rims?

You can list them on websites like Craigslist or Facebook but that takes time! Thankfully, getting rid of aluminum rims has never been easier when you sell them to Fred’s Auto Removal.

We will pick them up from your home or office, pay you cash and you can be free from having those old rims lying around becoming a nuisance for your family or a potential hazard if someone trips over them.

Getting cash for aluminum rims Portland Oregon is also a smart thing to do because they can potentially leak toxic materials into the ground if they are left outside during rain or snow so you can also help the environment by recycling them.

Your Total Auto Removal Solution

Besides disposing of your old aluminum rims (allow wheels), you can also count on Fred’s Auto Removal for disposing of your old automotive batteries, vehicles, parts, and accessories as well.

Before selling your aluminum, rims make sure you remove the tires and lead weights from the rims because this will ensure that you get paid cash for the pure scrap value without having to pay our disposal fee to remove the tires for you.

Cash for aluminum rims Portland Oregon

To get paid cash for your aluminum rims, contact us today by calling (503) 810-3061 or click here to connect with us online through our website.